Comming Events
- mainly music
- BriteSparx
- Seniors
- Youth Group
Moving Towards Belief
Games Afternoon
Held on the first Saturday of each month from 3pm-6pm.  
An opportunity to enjoy a relaxing time among friends with Board Games etc and/or carpet bowls.  We commence with a cuppa and close with a fellowship meal.
Sunshine Hour
Sunshine Hour is held on the 3rd Tuesday afternoon of March, May, July, September and November.  

It is an enjoyable afternoon outing for members of the community and aged care facilities who are invited to attend.  Local groups, musicians, singers and anyone willing are invited to come and perform.  We have community singing, a short message and our afternoon concludes with afternoon tea.  
The M & M Group
M & M meets at the church complex every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 10.00am during school terms for around 2 hours. 
Both ladies and gentlemen are most welcome to join with us and share each others company.
The group has a structured program for each term, however there is no compulsion to follow this and some of our members take the opportunity to bring along unfinished projects from home or just come and enjoy meeting with each other and sharing morning tea together.  As part of our program we have regular visits to local coffee and craft shops. 
(We enjoy car pooling for these outings). 
The group name was chosen because the members believe it reflects the happy outgoing nature of the members.  Some of the meanings that can be applied to our title are, Making Mates, Magnificent Moments, 
The group has a strong mission outreach and as a result we have made beautiful blankets for local retirement villages, "Wrapped with Love" blankets that have been distributed both within Australia and overseas; baby clothes for premature babies in hospital wards and beanies that are part of the Samaritan boxes.
M & M's is a warm and friendly group and welcomes all who come along to "Meet Many Mates". 
Ladies Fellowship
Ladies Fellowship meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month- February to November.  Morning tea is at 10.00am with fellowship at 10.30am.  
Fellowship includes worship, sharing, encouragement & outreach to community.  Participation is encouraged in devotions, use of talents, music & guest speakers feature.  An emphasis on missionary outreach includes participation in the Samaritans Purse project. 

Aged Care Support Ministry

An integral segment of this ministry is the church service, which is held on a regular basis in the nursing homes in our town. 
Namely- Kularoo, GLAICA and Beaumont.
Our ministry team consists of people from our own church fellowship who have a desire to “faith share” with those who are unable to attend other services due to residency in one of the nursing homes.
We present the “Hymns of Faith”, so well known and remembered by our elderly.  We share a “thought of the day”, items of song etc, by soloists and our “Kingdom Singers”.  Poems of inspiration and a short devotional message from the scriptures, brought by a wide selection of speakers. Our prayer is that this ministry, invigorates hope, uplifts, encourages and supports the faith of all, as they continue their journey with Jesus.  
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