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Moving Towards Belief


Ready Steady
"Ready what life throws at you. Steady in your reactions and actions".

This program runs on demand and is designed to help give a solid foundation for life for young boys from grades 2-6 over a period of nine weeks.

The program is broken up into two parts, tennis development and  mentoring. The topics covered over this time include:

1.     Feelings

2.     Boundaries

3.     Social skills

4.     Grief and loss

5.     Anger

6.     Fear and worry

7.     Self-esteem

Here’s what parents are saying about the program:

“My child was able to share a lot of deep emotional trauma that he wasn’t able to share with me. I feel he has been unburdened by the experience.”

“My child has managed anger and has been able to express his feelings in a safe environment.”

Bookings are essential and places are limited.



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